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Welcome to Nevoox Europe. Under the motto “Protecting your world”, we develop, produce and distribute high-quality and innovative disinfection solutions, filter devices and air quality meters for use in the medical, public and private sectors. A much sought-after highlight of the current product range is the ProxiCube® room air controller (monitor).

ProxiCube® Modell NX1

New: ProxiCube®

The room air monitor from Nevoox

ProxiCube Logo

New: AIRBuddy

The air purifier for office
and conference rooms

UV-C Air Purifier Nevoox

The air purifier with HEPA-13 filter

UV-C Air Purifier Nanotime

The air purifier in travel format

UV-C Sterilizer Box CUVE Pro

The disinfection device for medical tools

UV-C-LED Disinfection Boxes seCUBE

The disinfection solutions for hospitals

Whether for offices, hospitals, beauty salons, sports facilities, daycare centers or retail stores – Nevoox offers a suitable disinfection concept for every target group and requirement.

From our headquarters in Mannheim, Germany, we cooperate with renowned manufacturers and institutions in Europe. In addition, we have our own research and sourcing office in Manila (Philippines) and Shenzen (China).

On the recommendation of the German Federal Ministry of Health, we operate our own mask production facility in the metropolitan region of Manila, with European management on site. The production site and the products manufactured there meet the quality criteria of TÜVs Rheinland.

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